Power Plants
REXPLO provides power plant operations and maintenance (O&M) solutions for thermal and renewable power plants. We provide a full range of services across the life of the power asset, from plant mobilisation and commissioning to lifecycle management and eventual decommissioning. Our O&M teams are supported by a large in-house team of engineers and technical specialists, all with specific power sector expertise.
We have experience working across a wide range of technologies and energy sources, including combined cycle gas turbine, open cycle gas turbine, fuel, and renewable energy.
We offer tailored solutions, geared for optimal performance over the lifetime of the plant. Depending on customer needs this can include initial project support, mobilisation, full O&M services, technology transfer solutions or O&M consultancy.
This extensive service portfolio provides the opportunity to deliver a unique single contractor turnkey solution contributing to efficient communication, smooth project execution and reduction in costs.
Our muti-disciplinary teams ensure a one-stop-shop. That’s REXPLO.