Meet the management team
Abdelbacet ABDOULI is Chairman and CEO of PEPCCO Group: PEPCCO, PEPCCO Energy, VALTECT & REXPLO
Since assuming leadership of PEPCCO Group in 2011, Bacet has righted the company’s strategy and moved to make it an industry leader by defining new models that provide value to clients in a rapidly changing market environment.


Based in Tunis, our leadership team is dedicated, experienced and forward-thinking. The team is comprised of executive officers, senior management and a board of directors. Together, our leadership works hard to provide resources and support to ensure that our companies can best meet clients’ needs.


Dear Customer

Our Group was founded by petroleum engineers who formerly worked for major international operating companies.
PEPCCO Group was built around experienced and highly trained resources and as a distinctive feature, is that their founder has worked for many years in the engineering and projects management for the Oil and Gas industry before starting the business. Such a combination of knowledge and experience is rarely found in private firms. It gives us the advantage in understanding not only the original and creative side of research but also the applied technical and business aspects of the industry, the ability to talk to our clients in their own technical language, and to liaise effectively with experts from other disciplines. Such combination is unique in the creative aspect of our recommendations which often make the crucial difference in the successful of our services.
At PEPCCO Group, Safety is a full time job.
“No man can be successful, unless he first loves his work. At PEPCCO Group, we love what we do”