Pipeline Services


PEPCCO PS technicians optimize natural gas flow and liquid transfer through gathering and transmission networks by capturing excess liquids and removing contaminants. Additionally, our pigging experts help customers identify and repair damaged pipeline, LVS and compressor station infrastructure.
PEPCCO PS technicians utilize pipeline inspection gauges to optimize hydrocarbon flow through pipeline gathering networks by removing excess liquids and contaminants. Our inspection gauges also identify and highlight broken or damaged pipeline gathering and compressor station infrastructure. PEPCCO PS technicians have the capabilities and equipment required to perform on-site repairs of all pipeline gathering network infrastructure.


PEPCCO technicians are trained and experienced to repair and test various pipeline valves. Our PPS Valve division is experienced in doing preventative maintenance work and provides Shop and Mobile inspection, testing, and repair of all types and sizes of valves in accordance with ANSI, API, ASME and customer specifications.
  • Production & Pipeline Valve Maintenance    
  • Gate,  globe, ball valve inspection, testing, and repair
  • In place valve lubrication
  • Valve leak sealing products
  • PSV’s testing, Repair and calibration
  • Full service repair and machine shop for all types of makes and models of valves
  • Emergency on-site valve removal and replacement services
  • Fully documented inspection report. 
  • 24 Hour Repair Services to support Maintenance Outage Requirements


PEPCCO Pipeline Services has been providing hydrostatic testing services to the pipeline industry since a decade. We have experience and code compliant procedures for integrity testing (existing pipelines and facilities) and qualification testing (new pipelines and facilities).
With more scrutiny being placed on oil and gas companies, knowing your pipelines do not have a negative effect on the environment is now, more than ever, a top priority. Hydrostatic testing ensures the integrity of all new and existing lines. We provide the workforce and equipment to test every pipeline for leaks, defects and residual stresses.
At PEPCCO Pipeline Services, our management team provides continuous performance tracking and support to guarantee each project is completed successfully. Our pipeline maintenance and repair services are top notch with focus on health, safety, and environment. For more information, contact us. Learn more about our Corporate Health and Safety Policy.


Our team of specialists’ carryout the Air Blowing Services for both cleaning and drying of process systems and pipe work to ensure that a system is free of debris, before a decompression air blow can take place.
A detailed engineering review is undertaken to determine the optimum flow rate to achieve the desired cleanliness result, and ensure an operational flow rate is exceeded by a factor of 150%.
Once the system is pressurized to a pre-determined pressure, the system is immediately decompressed to the right atmosphere using a fast action full bore valve system. The decompression process continues until the required cleanliness levels have been achieved.
The decompression process continues until the required cleanliness levels have been achieved, with follow on air blowing undertaken as necessary to achieve the correct dryness.


At PEPCCO we provide professional flange management and joint integrity programs on both construction and maintenance projects across the Oil and Gas sector.
We fully understand the environmental and economic factors that drive the requirement of leak free systems. In recent years, the management of bolted flange connection has been highlighted as a major factor in reducing leaks and fugitive emissions.
Our track record of consistently achieving a high percentage of “Leak Free” joints is unmatched and we offer our customers a leak free guarantee, meaning that if it does leak, we will fix it at our own cost. This benefits our customers certainly on cost, maximizes plant uptime and improves health, safety and environmental performance.
An integral part to the successful management of bolted flange connections is the technical information that is provided to our technicians.
Our bespoke System Integrity Management SIM software calculates precise data, which takes into account considerations such as flange type, gasket type, bolt material and lubricant coefficient. As well as supplying this accurate data our system gives our client peace of mind with full traceability of works carried out. All technical and mechanical data is compiled during all operations and gives critical time saving information for future planning of maintenance, shutdowns and outages.
SIM software considers Joint integrity including Flange Management on an end to end basis. It is real time, web based and designed for life of asset use. As well as adding value the use of SIM software saves our customers money.