As a response to the market demand for our services, we have established a specialist asset management organization within our Consulting unit. Building on our existing experience, we have carried out extensive training of the key technical experts in our organization to enable them to address asset management issues in a strategic manner based on thorough analysis.
PEPCCO Group has extensive experience successfully partnering with our clients to improve existing or deploy new innovative Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) methodologies and applications.

EAM Selection

The selection of an appropriate asset management system is the first step in any implementation.
Dependent upon the specific needs of our clients, these services may include:
  • Data Building Strategy
  • Equipment/Location Hierarchy Development
  • Workflow Development
  • Plant Walk-Down Data Collection and Verification
  • Asset Data Research
  • Data Configuration and Loading
  • System Configuration
  • Preventive and Predictive Maintenance Program Development
  • Spare Parts Program Development
  • System Training