Rafineries & Petrochemicals
In order to keep your plant in top condition REXPLO Services offers a range of services for the Petrochemical and Chemical Industries.
We provide services throughout all phases of a facilities lifetime.
Shutdown related services:
  • Purging with nitrogen
  • Pressure Vessels hydrotesting cleaning and drying.
  • Process Instrument verification and calibration
  • PSV’s testing, calibration and maintenance
  • Decontamination and chemical cleaning
  • Bolting and flange management
  • Leak testing with Nitrogen and Helium
  • Oil flushing
  • Heat Exchanger bundle extraction and cleaning
Asset Management Consultancy:
Dependent upon the specific needs of our clients, these services may include:
  • Data Building Strategy
  • Equipment/Location Hierarchy Development Workflow Development
  • Plant Walk-Down Data Collection and Verification
  • Asset Data Research
  • Data Configuration and Loading
  • System Configuration
  • Preventive and Predictive Maintenance Program Development
  • Spare Parts Program Development
  • System Training
This extensive service portfolio provides the opportunity to deliver a unique single contractor turnkey solution contributing to efficient communication, smooth project execution and reduction in costs.
Our muti-disciplinary teams ensure a one-stop-shop. That’s REXPLO.